Big 5 Fair in Dubai. Thank you for visiting us 

It were intense work days but we have the pleasure to meet and chat with old friends and of course meeting new people with whom we had pleasant conversations.

We hope that all of them have the same good memories as we do.

Thank you. We hope to see you next year.

30 years on the Spanish market 

We have been working during more than 30 years for the Spanish market. It proves that we are a trusty and effective company. The quality of all our products is guaranteed by our standards and also by our customers from all over the world.

We manufacture according to the European Standards of quality for this reason we have received certificates from different laboratories that guarantee that our products are fireproofs. We are manufacturers, not intermediaries. 

 We produce what you need

Stainless steel: our favourite material 

It is important to establish the kind of metal that we use and the product`s finish. It should be determined by the location, use and the climate conditions of the place where the element is going to be installed.

Analysis with certificates that confirm our quality

Quality controls 

Before starting our manufacturing process we submit to strict quality controls all the raw materials. This step is the beginning of the many steps that we carry out to assure the quality that our customers expect. 

Manufacturing experience 

Since the foundation of our company in 1980, we had always an upward trajectory. We have our own mold making department, laboratories, assembly, polishing, packaging, etc. that assure the quality of all our products. 

Export experience 

Our export department is formed by a group of people widely trained and experienced on the sector, who will know clarify all your doubts.